About Us

4ASMILE has established a common platform for NGO’s, CSO’s, charities and all other organizations who are active on the South Coast to support the Kenyan peoples. Although there are numerous charitable organizations active on the South Coast, they don’t necessarily share information about their activities. We feel there is a real need for this as it would help to pool resources, avoid duplication, share expertise and enhance sustainability of results.

4 A Smile will deliver the following results:

    • to create awareness about the existing projects
    • to connect organizations with each other to share information and resources
    • to avoid competition between organizations sharing the same goals
    • to avoid wastage of personnel and material resources
    • to give potential donors an overview and description of fundable projects

Participating organizations will be able to list their needs (people, equipment), as well as resources they are willing to share with others. In this way, resources of the different organizations will be pooled and put where the needs are. Currently the organizations have been introduced to each other by the initiator of the project. Some partnerships have been initiated and are running without requiring a mediator. The sharing of resources has already started. We are keen to build on these results and expand the program.

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